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Strategic Change and Business Development

Head4More work as advisors in the strategic decision-making of our clients. Ambitions and business strategy are always our starting points. Our approach to strategic development is based on decades of experience in restructuring projects, both nationally and internationally.

Companies that do not evolve, do not survive over time. We help our clients develop change readiness, which means their willingness and ability to work on improving and evolving every day.

A strategy is not workable longer than the existing key competencies allow. If the company's strategic ambitions require new competence or other key positions than they currently possess, then we assist in defining these and to find candidates that complement the current competencies.

These types of projects are usually associated with changes in the value-chain or business model of an organisation. Acquisitions, mergers, outsourcing of non-core activities, or organic growth in new market areas, are typical examples of such processes.

“A strategy is not workable longer than the existing key competencies allow”

Jan Petter Halvorsen
Senior Advisor
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