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Head4More cooperates with strong knowledge-based companies, which are all known to be among the best in their markets. Together with our business partners, we represent breadth and depth of the interface between HR and commercial advice.

Recruitment Manager is a modern CRM and candidate management system designed specifically for the recruitment industry. Head4More strive to be a part of the technological development, and considers Recruitment Manager as a valuable and innovative partner. To show interest in one of our vacant positions is easy. Candidates can import their LinkedIn CV to our database with a click, thanks to Recruitment Manager.

Whydentify is a leading consulting company in labour market communication. Head4More works closely with Whydentify in the selection of advertising channels in order to ensure that the communication with the candidate market is optimal.

Whydentify prepares the lay-out in our job listings, and undertakes all media dissemination on behalf of our clients.

CEB – SHL Talent Measurement performs extensive scientific research within HR-processes and has developed a broad spectre of certified measurement tools within personality, ability and skills in order to conduct a high quality, fair and safe assessment of candidates and employees. Head4More’s consultants are certified to use CEB tools, and we use their DNV GL certified toolkit as a base in parts of our consulting.

Jung Type Indicator (JTI) is a personality test, which reveals individual preferences based on Jung's theory of mental preferences and psychological types.

Head4More uses the JTI as a support tool in individual performance development and teambuilding, as the accuracy of the tool is well documented, and has been shown to contribute to an increased understanding of own and others' behaviour.

FINN jobb is Norway's largest provider of job posting and CV databases, and one of the largest internet sites in Norway, measured in the number of users per week. FINN provides a special area for management positions, which makes them a good partner for Head4More.

Head4More works closely with FINN jobb to communicate with candidates, to perform CV-base operations, and we make use of their unique and advanced technology to communicate advertisements.

Universum is an international company specialising in employer branding. In 2012, over 400,000 students and 90,000 employees worldwide participated in a survey of career goals and preferences through Universum.

Head4More cooperates with Universum in both data collection and in the interpretation and application of research results to our own and shared clients.

“The expertise our employees use in cooperating with our clients and partners is our value”
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