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Recruitment and Selection

We attract candidates through systematic and continuous processing of networks and relationships. Our multi-sourcing process includes direct contact, CV-base search, social media and advertising.

Recruiting key people is important for businesses' growth and progress. We always define the deliveries and effects the new employee should achieve, and include this in defining how a new employee is to be measured and rewarded.

To ensure that there is a correlation between the client’s organisational needs and requirements on the one hand, and the candidate's ability to deliver on the other, we perform “Potential ratings” on final candidates. Our consultants use recognised interview methodology and tests in the recruitment process. We know that an efficient and dedicated process will provide the candidates with a positive experience, and increase the possibility of signing the best candidate. We therefore take control of the recruitment processes, which are normally completed within six weeks.

“Our focus is to define what delivery and effects the new employee should achieve in the new job.”

Bjørn Brudevoll
Managing Director
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