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Anne Skinnemoen Anne Skinnemoen Senior Business Consultant
M: +47 986 30 813
Frida Nossen Frida Nossen Business Analyst
M: +47 975 35 604
Bjørn Brudevoll
Bjørn Brudevoll
Managing Director
+47 468 00 000 /

Bjørn Brudevoll has broad national and international management experience, and more than 13 years of experience in headhunting and management consulting from Mercuri Urval, prior to his co-founding of Head4More in 2011. Bjørn has a higher finance and management degree from Oslo Business School, Officer Candidate School for the Navy, Naval Academy KS1 and KS 2, Armed Forces Staff College and BI. He has held operational management roles, such as the Commanding Officer of the Navy, and also strategic leadership roles within the military's senior management.

With Mercuri Urval, Bjørn held various key roles as director, with responsibilities ranging from the development of the company's consulting services, to co-ordination of activities across national borders, as part of his responsibility for national sales and marketing activities and the overall management of the company's total client portfolio. Bjørn lectures regularly at universities, business schools, large companies and other venues. He is also specialised in recruitment, evaluation and the development of executive boards and of individual board members through dedicated study and research in this field. Bjørn has expanded industry expertise in Life Science, IT / Telecom, and finance.

Bjørn is CEO of Head4More International and Managing Director of Head4More AS. Meet Bjørn on LinkedIn

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